Welcome! My name is Daniel Lona.

I am THRILLED you are here!

Why? Because, if you’re like most folks, getting in good physical shape has been a life-long battle.

I have made it my LIFE MISSION to help you solve this problem.

A key challenge is that modern lifestyles demand so much time and energy. Most exhausting is probably your job, but keeping up with friends and family can be pretty consuming, too. Which doesn’t much leave much in the tank for a fit body, does it?

And who wants to jump out of bed at 6am to ride a stationary bike? (Not me!)



That is why I help working professionals that desperately want to improve their body, yet struggle to find an approach to exercise that can accommodate their limited time and energy.

With practical solutions found on my blog and my deep-dive, online course, I help people “breath a sigh of relief” when it comes to the all the challenges surrounding their fitness life.





So let me take a moment and give you a snapshot of what I envision for you.  If these sound bold – great!  My goal is to help you in profound ways, not on the margins. Through my free content, online courses, and live events, my aim is to:

Rekindle your EXCITEMENT for being a physically dynamic human being.

Offer you fitness training that is ACHIEVABLE in a busy, modern lifestyle full of other competing demands.

Help you become MORE LEAN and MORE TONED than you’ve been in years (maybe your entire life.)


Demonstrate you are capable of MUCH GREATER SUCCESS than you previously imagined. (Follow my videos and articles, and I will show you how.)

Teach you to see the journey of fitness as one of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, not just physical development. You cannot train your body without training your mind.



For the past five years, I have owned a successful business that focuses on kettlebell training, which helps everyday people just like you take dramatic leaps forward in how their body looks and feels, while keeping them injury-free.

At this point, I have trained over two hundred people privately, in small groups, and through workshops.

I have multiple certifications as a personal trainer, kettlebell instructor, and nutrition coach.



If you’re curious to know more about me, which is very flattering – thank you! – here are five more fun facts:

1. I am a “halfsie:” 50% Mexican, 50% Jewish Russian.

2. I am a former lawyer. In 2009, I graduated from the University of Chicago Law School and practiced law for two years before realizing my true passion was fitness and that I wanted to help other people fall in love with it, much as I did when I was twelve years old.

3. I am a vinyl record aficionado and ever-so-slightly snobby audiophile. I own 1300 records and most people think I’m crazy for it. But there’s few things I love more than immersing myself in great music.

4. I was born and raised in Chicago.  Still live here, too.  I don’t have a Chicago accent, but many people outside the city think I do (obviously they’re wrong!)

5. My biggest influence in the past five years, both in business and personal development, is Brendon Burchard. To say he inspires me would be an understatement.



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