Welcome! My name is Daniel.

I am THRILLED you are here!

Why? Because, if you’re like most folks, achieving a physique that you’re happy with has been a battle for many years.

I have made it my LIFE MISSION to help you solve this problem.



I coach people who have one of two needs (or both):

1) People who desperately want to put an end to yo-yo dieting but still want to lose weight they haven’t been able to shed for years


2) People who are totally ready for an approach to fitness that can easily adapt to a busy schedule while delivering a heaping dose of muscle tone, strength, and daily energy.

I give these seekers-of-a-better-life the tools to have more confidence, energy, and vibrancy…all while sprinkling a little positivity into the process.





Since 2011, I have owned a successful business whose mission has been to help people transform their lives by building a healthier body – while using methods that fit into a busy lifestyle so that they reduce your daily stress, not add to it.

As for credentials, I am a:

– Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach

– Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise

– Certified Kettlebell Instructor with Dragon Door


If you’re curious to know more about me, which is very flattering – thank you! – here are five more fun facts:

1. I am a “halfsie:” 50% Mexican, 50% Jewish Russian.

2. I am a former lawyer. In 2009, I graduated from the University of Chicago Law School and practiced law for two years before realizing my true passion was fitness and nutrition and that I wanted to help other people reap the benefits of a healthier, leaner, stronger body.

3. I am a vinyl record aficionado and ever-so-slightly snobby audiophile. I own 1300 vinyl records and most people think I’m crazy for it. There’s few things I love more than immersing myself in great music.

4. I was born and raised in Chicago.  Still live here, too.  I don’t have a Chicago accent, but many people outside the city think I do (obviously they’re wrong!)

5. My biggest influence in the past five years, both in business and personal development, is Brendon Burchard. To say he inspires me would be an understatement.


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