“Lean & Confident” is my nutrition coaching program that allows you to achieve lasting transformation towards a leaner, healthier, more energetic body.

This is your opportunity to end agonizing crash diets, cleanses, and unsustainable 21-day challenges.

Instead, this program allows you to build life-long habits toward eating natural, unprocessed foods in a way that works with your busy schedule, not against it.

Key features include:

  • Daily Lessons & Guidance. Every two weeks you will work on a new, healthy eating habit. And each day you will receive a brief lesson that offers you advice and guidance about that habit through an online platform.
  • Coaching Calls. I will provide regular coaching calls with you to provide accountability, and help you navigate through life’s challenges, or help you resolve any hurdles that are blocking your progress.
  • Weekly Feedback. Offering feedback on your latest progress and responses to lessons will allow me to give you consistent advice to help you steer the ship and “course correct” if necessary, so that you always have support & motivation from a high-level nutrition coach.

This program is launched every two months. Sign up below if you’d like to be notified of the next launch!