Kettlebell Academy is a beginner, online course that teaches you the fundamentals of strength training. As you practice regularly with kettlebells, you will:

  • Build amazing muscle tone
  • Spike your metabolism, making it easier to lose bodyfat
  • Save needless hours in the gym
  • Dramatically improve your strength
  • Increase daily stamina & energy
  • Bullet-proof your body from injury
  • Create a foundation of fitness that allows you to take on any physical activity or sport

This online, video course allows you to go at your own pace, and takes approximately 4-6 weeks. The skills you learn, however, will last a lifetime.

The course can be accessed using any phone, tablet, or laptop. Plus, you only need 1 kettlebell to do all the lessons and workouts.

I enroll students every 2-3 months, and I announce registration periods only to my e-mail subscribers.

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