If you live in Chicago, I offer the highest level of customized training for busy working professionals in the city. My private and semi-private training programs are perfectly tailored to your fitness level, whether you are looking to get strong, improve muscle tone, or be more fit for life.

One element that separates my style of training from other run-of-the-mill programs is the use of Russian style Kettlebell ‐ the most advanced fitness program in the world. It is the shortest path to becoming strong, vibrant, and feeling youthful again. Russian Kettlebell will exceed the results of any method you have used, and in less time.

My programs teach and use the methods of StrongFirst kettlebell training.


Our most popular choice! Are you tired of being forgotten in classes of ten or twenty people, but want a program that’s more affordable than personal training? Our semi-private option is the perfect choice. Sessions are capped at 4 people, allowing you to receive tons of individualized instruction, enjoy the process with others, and pay a lower price tag.


The private training option offers the ultimate in custom-built instruction. Every minute of the session is dedicated precisely to your needs that day, while the overall program is set at just the right pace for your goals, giving you the fastest results possible.

Why Focus on Kettlebell Training?

Benefits of Kettlebell Training